Digital Ministry Consulting

Digital Ministry Consulting

Your church has a website, and probably a Facebook page. Maybe you are on Twitter and Instagram, too. But what are you doing there? Are you using these platforms to advertise your ministry, and nothing more?

Digital Ministry is thinking about how we share God's love with the world directly through technology. It is online Bible study, live-streaming services, webinars on faith topics, and interactive prayers. It is thinking about how ministry happens through technology, whether that is a prayer book or a smart phone.

Digital Ministry can be overwhelming! Where do we start? What tools do we use? How do we upgrade our presence and our skills?

This is a unique blend of tech savvy and evangelical energy. The world needs the love of God, and the church needs to be fully present in the modern world. 

Free Range Priest offers Digital Ministry Consulting for groups and individuals. It is designed to support you in expanding your ministry from an online presence to a destination.

Option 1 Individual Coaching 1 hr each month for 12 months; we will walk through skills, tools, and strategies for integrating your ministry onto social media platforms; $100/month; $960 for full-year in advance 

Option 2 Social Media Audit A deep dive into current social media platforms, digital ministry profile, and recommendations for improving your ministry's reach. Ideal for congregations. $800 

Option 3 Digital Ministry Training Online consultation hours that start where you are. Are you in 'Facebook denial'? Don't know what a hashtag is? Can't get your browser to load things properly? Wherever you are at with technology, this is where we will start. Fun and novice-friendly introduction to digital evangelism in all its forms. 4 'use anytime' hours - $350