Free Range Priest

be the church of right now

* Only about half of all congregations can afford full-time clergy ministry

* About 20% of mainline congregations have no ordained clergy person serving them at all? (they rely on 'supply' clergy)

* 60% of Americans no longer attend church regularly (and 'regularly' means 1 Sunday a month!)

* That figure is 80% for Americans in their 20s!

This seems like an avalanche of bad news.  

But for Good News people, it means God is doing a new thing. And so can we!  

Traditional congregations CAN and do thrive today - but thriving looks different than the church of the past.  

Are we prepared to be the church of right now, with an eye to the future, instead of looking back?  

If so, there are ways to keep sharing the love of God with a world that so desperately needs it.  

Free Range Priest can help.  

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