Group Coaching

Free Range Priest Clergy Coaching 

Every time I say I am a Free Range Priest, people laugh! But they don't laugh when I say I know the church is changing and clergy are scared and confused.

Free Range Priest means sustainable ministry in a changing church. It means rethinking who we are as clergy and how we serve others by bringing them closer to God's love.

Clergy Coaching is a project-based 12-month program. It is available in Group or Individual settings (online).

We will start with the biggest question facing you as a minister today, and consider it in terms of 

Identity - what is your ministry? Technology - how you share it Sustainability - how you get paid Good News - who gets it?

Let's get started planning for the next place God is calling YOU!

What: Individual ($100/month; $960 for full-year in advance)  

Group (limit 6) ($80/month; $940 for full-year in advance)

When: monthly meetings, Facebook group for support and resources

Where: Zoom (I'll provide link)

Why: Because you are being called to something new